Current Openings

Current Openings

We are growing in 2017-2018 and are currently looking for new staff members to start in August of 2017

Below are the specific positions we are hiring for:

Special Education Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

English Teacher

Math Teacher

Science Teacher

Social Worker

Technology Specialist

For full job descriptions, please search for the relevant posting on

Please send a brief introductory email and resume to in order to be considered for an open position. Make sure to include the job title in the email address.

Why Atmosphere

Atmosphere has designed a work environment that makes it a destination workplace for a diverse range of highly qualified, innovative professionals. The school offers team members:

  • Culture - Atmosphere nurtures and promotes a professional and pioneering culture that is focused on continuous improvement and development. This is realized through embedded professional development, coaching, mentoring, teaming, self-reflection, self-evaluation, peer observation, instructional rounds, continuous feedback, and other important supports that promote participation in and contribution to a professional learning community.
  • Compensation - Atmosphere offers salaries that are competitive with those paid by other charter and public schools in the New York area. Moreover, the school also provides an annual increase of up to 4% and an annual merit bonus of up to 6% that are tied to each employee’s performance evaluation and ability to meet specific annual goals.
  • Benefits - Atmosphere provides a 401k plan (with employer matching up to 5%), health insurance plan (school pays 85% of premium), dental insurance plan (school pays 100% of premium), vision insurance plan (school pays 100% of premium), 10 paid personal days (in addition to school and summer recesses), and flexible spending plan.
  • Flexibility - Atmosphere acknowledges that its staff needs to be afforded the flexibility to meet obligations they have to family and other responsibilities outside of work. By partnering with employees to customize their work schedules, Atmosphere is able to increase their productivity and level of satisfaction.